The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor for Kids of All Ages

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As a parent, you do what's best for your child's health and take measures to prevent any harm. You probably take your kids to the dentist regularly to prevent cavities. They likely visit a pediatrician often to avoid illness. However, what if there's something you're missing?

Almost every person experiences spinal nerve stress at some point in his or her life. Subluxations, severe forms of spine and nerve stress, are a "hidden epidemic." They may occur as early as infancy after a difficult birth or from childhood falls. Injuries from car accidents or sports can also cause spinal problems with lasting effects. This is why there are many benefits of visiting a chiropractor for kids of all ages.

Chiropractic care can treat spinal stress through gentle, non-invasive methods. Research done by The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association shows spinal therapy is safe and beneficial for kids of all ages. Keep reading to learn more about the many ways children can benefit from regular chiropractic care.

Dr Likins | Chiropractic Care Center | Chiropractor for Kids
Dr Likins | Chiropractic Care Center | Chiropractor for Kids

Chiropractic for Infants

An infant's spine can undergo severe stress during birth. If not addressed, that spinal stress can lead to more problematic issues in the future. And not only that, an infant's spine will double in size in its first two years. With all that growing and changing, it's best to check on how the spine is developing regularly to ensure proper alignment. Chiropractic care can also help with common infant issues like colic, poor sleep patterns, ear infections, and constipation.

Chiropractic for Toddlers

You know all those falls toddlers experience when learning how to walk? Those tumbles cause spinal stress. Other firsts like running, jumping and kicking affect a toddler's physical development too. Regular visits to a chiropractor ensure their body is developing properly. Chiropractic care may also lead to your toddler becoming sick less often and therefore needing less antibiotics. Other benefits include reduced irritability and mood swings and promote better sleep, which makes mom and dad happy too!

Dr Likins | Chiropractic Care Center | Chiropractor for Kids

Chiropractic for Kids

As children start school, they're introduced to new physical stressors like processed foods, technology, sports and environmental chemicals. They may also experience stress from homework, bullying and peer pressure. These stressors interfere with the nervous system, which in turn affects your child's health as he or she grows and develops. Chiropractors are experts in removing this interference, allowing your child's body to self-heal. Other benefits of visiting a chiropractor for kids include less growing pains, headaches and belly aces. A properly working nervous system can also lead to more regular sleep patterns and the ability for your child to stay focused in school.

Chiropractic for Teenagers

Teens today are more susceptible to poor posture than ever before. Long periods of time in front of a computer, on a cell phone or playing video games are just a few of the main causes. Stress on the nervous system also increases as teenagers start to feel the pressures associated with becoming an adult. Visits to a chiropractor can reduce symptoms of stress like headaches, fatigue, irritability and depression.

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